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  • Annabelle, Hound Mix
  • Tinkerbell, Lab/Hound Mix
  • Paco, Xolo/Chihuahua Mix
  • Louie, Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
  • Maggie, Hound Mix
  • Hazelnut (6mos old), American Staffordshire Terrier Mix


In today's tough economy, many families are struggling to make ends meet. They are being forced to make tough decisions concerning their furry family members - they either can't afford to feed them, or they're being forced to move into new homes where their pets are not welcomed.

Pet Assistance Network was started in an effort to help prevent pets from being displaced from their loving homes and families. The goal of PAN is to help these pet-loving families to keep their pets healthy and part of their families. We feel that we can help to curb the growing number of homeless and abandoned pets by helping pet owners KEEP their pets.


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Need help Rehoming your Pet?

If you've exhausted all options for keeping your pet in the family, please try to find him a new home on your own, before surrendering him to your local kill shelter. All government funded shelters have an "Open Admission Policy" meaning that they MUST take in ALL pets surrendered to them. This creates space issues which forces them to kill animals who are unadoptable, less adoptable or have been there the longest to make room for new animals coming in daily. They also have to keep strays for 3 or more days (depending on the local laws) to allow their owners a chance to come claim them. When an owner surrenders their pet, your pet will not get that much time as they know the owner will not be coming back to claim them, thus moving your pet to the top of the list to be killed.

In Summer 2011, we launched 2 brand new websites to help families find their pets new loving forever homes. These websites are FREE to all visitors. Please help us spread the word about these sites so that more pet owners and pet seekers will utilize them and help even more family pets keep/find loving homes and keep them out of the shelters!


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